Mother Nature's Magnificent Colour Palette

Forever Changing, Forever Inspiring, Lets See Where You Take Us

Welcome to A Blank Canvas

“Hello there”, I’m Jackie Nkwocha and welcome to A Blank Canvas. I’m not quite sure why or when I picked up my first paint brush, I think it must have been when I went through one of those life changing experiences that slaps you in the face so hard, it leaves you looking for new things to explore. Abstract Art did it for me. Most of us go about our daily lives not taking in the wonders that surround us and the ever changing sights Mother Nature gives us to admire.   I personally love working with acrylics as they bring out the vibrant, bold colours I’m usually trying to achieve, something you’ll notice when you brows my gallery. Enjoy…

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What a Journey It’s Been


I’ve met some brilliant people from many different walks of life on my journey to this moment in time. Like minded people who have a passion for art and trying to find their niche in an endless world of possibilities. It’s great to discuss their thoughts behind their own work, what materials they like to use and where they get their inspiration from.  Everyone has a story to tell, for some perfection and detail is what they look for, for me I’ve found colours and textures are important. The reason for setting up this website is I’m being constantly asked show my work and how can my pieces be purchased.

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Recent Works